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Spark Rescue–Giving Back

Susan Park began Spark Rescue when she first heard of a dog in need in LA. She wasn't aware that animals were being euthanized at alarming rates. She drove down, retrieved the dog and placed him in a home. Since then Susan and her team have saved 100's of dogs and a few kitties too! She works tirelessly to make sure they are placed in good homes with people who will love them forever. She has drivers including herself who retrieve the dogs. She gets them medical attention if needed and places them in foster homes until they find a forever home. Susan is an inspiration to anyone who believes that one person CAN make a difference. Thank you Susan for all you have done for the lives of these dogs. We developed her website to reflect the grass roots nature of her rescue. We wanted people who visit the site to be filled with joy and instead of guilt. We kept the color scheme earthy yet energized. Winston, one of her early rescues is in her logo. He was photographed and converted into vector art. We designed the logo and the tagline. Loved the project! Thanks for the opportunity Susan Park! Visit



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