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Kitson Landscape Management
Spark Rescue logo design
Original UCSB Gauchos logo design
WellBeing Wisdom Logo
Return to Freedom event logo
Hearts Aligned Valentine's Luncheon
Renaud's  logo design
deLUX Nutrition logo design
Aqua Nail Bar logo design
Golf Beats Cancer Logo
Fairview Gardens logo design
Ultimate Sailing logo design
Sunburst Sanctuary logo design
Zimmerman and Co.
Arbor Services Logo
Freeman's Flying Chicken logo design
Coastline Media Partners logo design
Pinot for Pups Logo design
Erin Feinblatt Logo Design
Gabriel Architects
Songs by the Glass
Ojai Resort Golf Event logo
St. Raphael School logo design
Casa Hernandez Salsa Logo Design
Sunrise coffee house logo design
SC Jacobs logo design
ZImmmerman and Co. Logo
Montecito Shores logo design
Global Media Resource logo design
Cocoponic Logo Design
The City Cube Logo Design
Zimmerman and Co.
Tournament of Champions Logo Design
TOC Phoenix logo design
TOC Chicago logo design
Renees Readers Logo Design

Your brand is often your first communication. Your logo should have an impact!

My Santa Barbara Graphic Design company Gordon|Sterling graphic design, designs logos for every industry. If you like these than we are the graphic design company for your business. These logos are my favorites. Creating memorable brands, is an exciting challenge. An effective logo captures the essence of your business instantly. Your audience should know what it is you do just by looking at your mark. We take great care when choosing a font, color palette, and image. A memorable and trustworthy brand helps your clients remember that your business provides the perfect solution to their problem. Therefore, to succeed in branding, you must understand your customers’ taste, needs and be able to reflect that back to them in the perfect brand!

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