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The Hernandez Family
Casa Hernandez Logo
Casa Hernandez Salsa label
Casa Hernandez photo shoot
Casa Hernandez lifestyle photo shoot
Casa Hernandez lifestyle photo shoot
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Case Study — Casa Hernandez Salsa

David Hernandez wanted to honor the memory of his beloved mother Lupe, by sharing her recipe for salsa with the world. I helped him create a logo that honored his mother while making the salsa appear a spicy and fun addition to any meal.


David brought in a photo of his family. His beautiful mother became the focal point for the logo. We introduced the line "from my family's kitchen to yours." David said his family has always enjoyed cooking together with friends and family.


We then created the label for the salsa. It needed to look rustic and homemade, but a bit on the spicy side. We used warm reds and oranges with fonts that looked hand drawn.


Next came the photoshoot. Eric Gordon of ePrep Services captured the images, and Valerie styled the shots. David incorporated our images in to his website.


It was a fun and creative project and David was very happy with the end result. BTW, the salsa is excellent!


I am so grateful that from the very start with the creation of the logo, label, and photo shoot that Gordon/Sterling Design has been behind the development of Casa Hernandez Salsa!  They took a complete interest in seeing us succeed that they went far and above all expectations!  I am very pleased in all they have done for us!


David Hernandez

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