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Return to Freedom Event Flyer
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Case Study — Return to Freedom Wild Horses & Wild Flowers Event

Santa Barbara logo design company Gordon|Sterling worked with Neda DeMayo, founder of Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary to create her logo. She wanted something that linked today's wild horses with their ancestors, the first horses that arrived in America. We chose to do a cave like drawing of the horses running and playing. Their placement creates a strong triangle shape.  The logo has movement and is conveys the wild horse mission. Its a simple logo that lends itself to every use.


Each spring, Return to Freedom hosts "Wild Horses and Wild Flowers" its annual fundraiser. They began with an image donated by photographer Laura Bold. There weren't any wild flowers in it however, so we found a stock image that when composited with her image looks magical and and surreal. We created  a logo especially for this event. The horse chasing the butterfly is a sweet and happy image that makes the event looks like its fun for families and kids! We created a web graphic also for their website which links to more information. Stay tuned, more collateral coming...


"I spent years trying to communicate concepts for a logo to various artists and graphic designers. Although they were all very talented, it was not until I met with Valerie at Gordon|Sterling graphic design that I was able to move forward with a logo to brand Return To Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary™. Return To Freedom has become a leading resource for Wild Horse education and conservation. Whether it is packaging for a DVD or posters for events, Valerie creates the artwork which speaks for one of our Nation's greatest treasures, The American Mustang."


Neda DeMayo, Founder, RTF



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